Fast Animal by Tim Seibles



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2012 National Book Award Finalist

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“Crisply comic, disarmingly frank, and aurally bold …”
—Publishers Weekly
The newest collection from one of America’s foremost African-American poets threads the journey from youthful innocence to the whittled-hard awareness of adulthood. Along the way it immerses the reader in palpable moments – the importance of remembering, the complexity of race, and the meaning of true wakefulness. Read More

What people are saying
In Fast Animal, Tim Seibles has reached a new level of sophistication and emotional depth. His tone has nuances that are so subtly and seamlessly woven together that laughter and sorrow are often present in the same poem. Built like one single sustained song, this book is alive with music, ardor and wit that flow in utterances that are uniquely his and his alone. But in Fast Animal there is also a new urgency and tender wisdom that speak to—and about—“that great storm/ each man each/ woman walks/ as if beneath/ a second sky.”
—Laure-Anne Bosselaar, author of The Hour Between Dog and Wolf and A New Hunger

“[Seibles] writes with a lucidity of heart and head and soul about all subjects he gets his hands on. His poems are vivid and succinct and have an east and a grace and wholeness about them…”
—Amy Gerstler, Editor of Best American Poetry

Publication date: February 2012

About the Author

Tim lives in Norfolk, Virginia, where he is a member of the English Department and MFA in writing faculty of Old Dominion University. He is a teaching board member of the Muse Writers Workshop. He also teaches part-time for the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast MFA in Writing Program, a low-residency program which features writers from all over the country.

May 22, 2012: John Doucette interviews Tim Seibles. 
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