Outreach Program

Promoting literacy in our schools

The Etruscan Press Educational Outreach program brings acclaimed authors to work with under-served students in area high schools, increasing the literacy of the students and offering a general appreciation for the literary arts.

Etruscan Press Outreach was developed to:
  • Expand cultural and literary awareness of students in Northeast Ohio and Pennsylvania
  • Demonstrate a love of literature to young people
  • Promote intercultural acceptance and understanding
  • Prepare under-served students for success in college
  • Promote literacy and  love of reading

Our Educational Outreach Program serves communities surrounding the two geographical hubs for Etruscan Press: Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio and Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. For information on participating in our outreach program or about our outreach books (introduced below), please contact us at stroup@etruscanpress.org.

Student feedback

“I feel I gained leadership qualities and how to keep pushing myself to achieve goals no matter what. I would like more writers to visit.” – K.L., 9th grader

“I gained courage in reading my story to the audience and I enjoyed meeting a real writer.” -James T., 10th grader

“I was a little nervous to go up and read my story. I gained self-confidence and enjoyed reading my story to all the people in my class.” -Takayla A., 9th grader

Recent programs
  • Nahoonkara author, Peter Grandbois, inspired students with creative storytelling techniques at Youngstown Early College.
Outreach books include:

American Fugue 
Translated from Greek by Diane Thiel,  Alexis Stamatis’ modern quest novel is taught in conjunction with Homer’s Odyssey, making both pieces relevant to each other and to students.

The Disappearance of Seth
Kazim Ali’s dramatic novel compellingly invites students and faculty alike to consider the history and perspective of the other, using an emotionally loaded event: the destruction of New York City’s twin towers.

Combining elements of historical fiction and magical realism, Peter Grandbois’ Nahoonkara brings students into the mining towns of the nineteenth century and demonstrates creative storytelling techniques.

Fast Animal
With poems painting a picture of a journey from youthful innocence to the hard awareness of adulthood, students discover a story telling the importance of remembering, the burden of race, and the meaning of truly living.