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H. L. Hix Podcast Reading of POETRY MAGAZINE featured poem

poet H.L. HixWe like to share author news as much as we can via this blog. New technologies allow us a new opportunity to share author readings and discussions in new ways, such as through podcasts. For example…

Please enjoy this podcast of a reading and discussion of an H. L. Hix poem, forthcoming in POETRY MAGAZINE.

For more news and information about poet H. L. Hix and his work, take some time to explore his author page.

INCIDENT LIGHT in Boston Review

boston review cover april 2010Check out this thought-provoking essay by Troy Jollimore on H. L. Hix’s INCIDENT LIGHT in the March/April 2010 BOSTON REVIEW.

From the jacket: INCIDENT LIGHT is a biography: not an ordered account of the facts of a life, but an invitation into the dad’s devotion, the mother’s passion, the father’s honor, and especially into the daughter’s own embracing of her experience, newly understood. INCIDENT LIGHT testifies to the many lives that converge on one life to lend it beauty and mystery.