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Etruscan Press receives NEA grant to support a project to develop connections between authors and readers

DATE: November 17, 2011
CONTACt: Starr Troup

Etruscan Press receives NEA grant to support a project to develop connections between authors and readers

Grant part of NEA announcement of 863 grants and $22.543 million in funding nationwide

Wilkes-Barre, PA; Youngstown, OH—Wilkes-Barre, PA; Youngstown, OH—The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Chairman Rocco Landesman today announced that the agency will award 863 grants to organizations and individual writers across the country. Etruscan Press is one of the grantees and will receive $7,500 to expand readership through marketing initiatives building upon the inherent synergy between authors and readers. The 863 grant awards total $22.543 million, encompass 15 artistic disciplines and fields, and support projects in 47 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Etruscan Press’s project activities will include: creating an innovative web-based peer-mentorship program connecting authors directly to readers and other authors; expanding readership through interaction via social media; and bringing books to underserved populations through corporate connections and sponorship programs .

“Art Works is the guiding principle at the NEA,” said agency Chairman Rocco Landesman. “And I’m pleased to see that principle represented through the 823 Art Works-funded projects included in this announcement. These projects demonstrate the imaginative and innovative capacities of artists and arts organizations to enhance the quality of life in their communities.”

“We’re excited about the possibilities available to us through this grant,” said Etruscan’s managing editor Starr Troup. “My hope is that by engaging readers through author connections we enliven discussions about the world around us.”

In March 2011, the NEA received 1,686 eligible applications for Art Works requesting more than $84 million in funding. The resulting funding rate of 49 percent of eligible applications reflects both the significant demand for support and the ongoing vitality of the not-for-profit arts community despite current financial challenges. Art Works grants are awarded based on the applications received by the NEA and how those applications are assessed by the review panels.

For a complete listing of projects recommended for Art Works grant support, please visit the NEA web site at arts.gov.

Etruscan Press
bearing imagination

AWP Attendees: Don’t miss!

What an exciting week for Etruscan Press and author Peter Grandbois. His novel Nahoonkara was just released on Feb. 1. And for those of you attending AWP, you now have the chance to say hello to Peter. You can stop by our booth for a special book signing and meet and greet with Peter and three more EP authors. Here’s what’s going on today in D.C.:

Special Book Signing

Peter Grandbois (Nahoonkara) @ 1 PM.
Myrna Stone (Casanova Chronicles) @ 1:30 PM
Carol Moldaw(So Late, So Soon) @ 2 PM
Claire Bateman (Coronology) @ 3 PM


3 PM in the Marshall Room, Wardman park: Catch Paul Lisicky (author of forthcoming novel The Burning House) too. He’s on the AWP panel on Off-Limit Subjects in Memoir.
3 PM Executive Room, Omni Shoreham Hotel, West Lobby: Venison author Thorpe Moeckel discusses book-length poems on AWP’s Audacity of Scope Panel.

Poetry and Prizes

10:00 p.m.-Midnight, Virginia B Room, Marriott Wardman Park, Lobby Level The All Collegiate Afterhours Slam.

AWP Conference in D.C.

2011 marks EP’s tenth anniversary, and what better way to kick it off than at the AWP conference in Washington, D.C. Here’s a look at what we’re doing today (Thursday), so if you’re here, you can catch us.

Noon.-1:15 p.m
Hoover Room
Marriott Wardman Park, Mezzanine Level Managing Editor Starr Troup is on AWP panel on Technology for Low-Residency Writing Programs.

1:30 p.m.-2:45 p.m.
Maryland Suite Room
Marriott Wardman Park, Lobby Level
Vermont College of Fine Arts 30th Anniversary Reading. (Robin Oliveira, Wally Lamb, Sydney Lea, Nin Andrews, Earl Braggs) A centerpiece celebration of the 30-year history as one of the first low-residency MFA in Writing Programs in the U.S.

Regency Ballroom
Omni Shoreham Hotel, West Lobby
1:30 p.m.-2:45 p.m.

How do writers approach and render sex believably and inventively in a society of sexual saturation? Our panel of fiction writers will analyze sexuality in their work across cultures, generations, and in relation to disability. EP authors Paul Lisicky and Carol Moldaw are on the panel.

10:00 p.m.-Midnight
Virginia B Room
Marriott Wardman Park, Lobby Level
The All Collegiate Afterhours Slam. (Jim Warner, Philip Brady) The All Collegiate Afterhours Slam is open to all undergrad and grad students attending the conference. Prizes, judges, and organization of the event will be handled by Wilkes University Creative Writing Program and Etruscan Press. Come visit the Wilkes University /Etruscan Press booth to register.

Paul Lisicky will be the keynote speaker at “Push to Publish” conference

Paul Lisicky is the author of The Burning House, a novel forthcoming in Spring 2011. This weekend Paul will share his publishing experience with other writers at Rosemont College’s “Push to Publish” conference in Rosemont, PA. Check out the full article on the Montgomery News website.

Also, take some time to explore Paul Lisicky’s author page on our website, and check out his blog for more upcoming events.

H. L. Hix Podcast Reading of POETRY MAGAZINE featured poem

poet H.L. HixWe like to share author news as much as we can via this blog. New technologies allow us a new opportunity to share author readings and discussions in new ways, such as through podcasts. For example…

Please enjoy this podcast of a reading and discussion of an H. L. Hix poem, forthcoming in POETRY MAGAZINE.

For more news and information about poet H. L. Hix and his work, take some time to explore his author page.

INCIDENT LIGHT in Boston Review

boston review cover april 2010Check out this thought-provoking essay by Troy Jollimore on H. L. Hix’s INCIDENT LIGHT in the March/April 2010 BOSTON REVIEW.

From the jacket: INCIDENT LIGHT is a biography: not an ordered account of the facts of a life, but an invitation into the dad’s devotion, the mother’s passion, the father’s honor, and especially into the daughter’s own embracing of her experience, newly understood. INCIDENT LIGHT testifies to the many lives that converge on one life to lend it beauty and mystery.