Venison: A Poem, Thorpe Moeckel

About the Author

Thorpe Moeckel, the author of Venison (Etruscan, 2010), teaches in the writing program at Hollins University. His work has appeared in Field, Open City, The Antioch Review, Poetry Daily, Orion, Poetry, The Southern Review, and Virginia Quarterly Review, among others. He is the author of two books of poems — Odd Botany (Silverfish Review Press, 2002) and Making a Map of the River (Iris Press, 2008). Chapbooks include Meltlines and The Guessing Land. His poetry is featured in the anthology Field Work: Modern Poems from Eastern Forests, edited by Erik Reece and published by University of Kentucky Press (2008), and in the anthology from Persea Press, From the Fishouse.

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“Thorpe Moeckel’s Venison is civilized and wild, like a life lived well, a barbaric yawp of pain and joy and true wonder at the brilliant ordinariness of a life lived close to the earth and close to the bone.  Moeckel’s fine poetic is whetted on the visceral and cannily transcendental.  Read it.” – Christopher Camuto

“This wonderfully layered poem shows us ‘how to come to know the woods such that you dream them through the eyes of the deer.’ This is the praise song of the hunter and the world he hunts.” -Michael Chitwood

Food doesn’t get any more local, cosmic, primitive, tasty, or disturbing than in this book-length, lyrical-meditative poem.  At stake are no less than the origins and mysteries of flesh and touch.

Publication date: May 2010

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