Coronology, Claire Bateman

About the Author

Claire Bateman’s books are Coronology and Other Poems (Etruscan, 2010), The Bicycle Slow Race (Wesleyan, 1991), Friction (Eighth Mountain, 1998), At the Funeral of the Ether (Ninety-Six Press, 1998), Clumsy (New Issues Poetry & Prose, 2003), Leap (New Issues, 2005), and Coronology (chapbook, Serving House Press, 2009). She has received the New Millennium Poetry Prize as well as grants and fellowships from the NEA, the Tennessee Arts Commission, and the Surdna Foundation. She lives in Greenville, SC.

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Through a variety of questions both overt and embedded, the poetry and prose poems in this collection explore the inexplicable too-muchness/not-enoughness of imaginative experience:  Is this the neighborhood we signed up for?  What in our universe can be trusted, what holds things together and apart, and what was time contemplating as it sprang into existence?  Via what logistical arrangement could everyone in the entire world be provided, upon request, with a bedtime story each night?  If the sky were to fall to earth, what would the recovery and repair process involve?  What was the Book That Consumed Everything seeking as it gobbled up all the other books?  What are some of the diverse fates of the women throughout history who have made it into The Index of Dead Brides, “an appallingly cheerful read”?  What is the one difference between light and weather?  If humans sprouted crowns the way we do arms and legs, what forms might these take, and how would we react to them—why, for instance, might parents be tempted to illegally remove a child’s budding poet’s crown, and what do all the girls with pastry crowns do when the boy with the jailbreak crown moves to town?  What will be the “next thing” after Google Earth?  How might one refute the philosophical presuppositions of someone who complains about not having “asked to be born”?  For which non-culinary services will chefs find themselves in great demand during the period immediately prior to “the end of time”?

Publication date: December 2010