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INCIDENT LIGHT in Boston Review

boston review cover april 2010Check out this thought-provoking essay by Troy Jollimore on H. L. Hix’s INCIDENT LIGHT in the March/April 2010 BOSTON REVIEW.

From the jacket: INCIDENT LIGHT is a biography: not an ordered account of the facts of a life, but an invitation into the dad’s devotion, the mother’s passion, the father’s honor, and especially into the daughter’s own embracing of her experience, newly understood. INCIDENT LIGHT testifies to the many lives that converge on one life to lend it beauty and mystery.

Toucans in the Arctic Wins PSA First Book Award

Etruscan Press is proud to announce that TOUCANS IN THE ARCTIC by SCOTT COFFEL has been selected as this year’s winner of the Norma Farber First Book Prize by The Poetry Society of America. Established by the family and friends of Norma Farber for a first book of original poetry written by an American and published in either a hard or soft cover in a standard edition in 2009, the Norma Farber First Book Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in the country.

Toucans in the Arctic has been called “an inspired truant from any number of poetical schools.” In this lyric case study of tumult and tranquility, the poet, tour pamphlet in hand, wanders through the national park of the psyche, noting surfeits of beauty and ruin as he scrambles across the eerie landscapes of identity and marriage.

Of Toucans in the Arctic, Suzanne Cleary writes, “Of wide reference and deep thought, of language taut and somehow new, these are 21st Century poems of joy, rage, erudition, wry humor, monumental tenderness. You will remember the day you discovered this book.”