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2010 January | Etruscan Press

Archive for January, 2010

Tara’s good news

Tara Caimi, a Wilkes MFA grad and last year’s Etruscan design intern and this year’s professional Etruscan book designer, got some good news on the writing front: a chapter from her memoir was accepted by THE MAGUFFIN. Well done, Tara. In addition to her memoir, Tara is currently at work on designing two forthcoming Etruscan books, CORONOLOGY by Claire Bateman and FIRST FIRE, THEN BIRDS: SELECTED POEMS OF H.L.Hix. She’s a woman of many talents!

the wilkes etruscan prize

We’re delighted to offer the first “Wilkes Etruscan Prize” in recognition of our partnership with the Wilkes low-residency Creative Writing Program.  The prize is open to current Wilkes Creative Writing students.  Here’s the scoop:

“Nothing attested, everything sung,” says the poet H. L. Hix. In poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, translations and literary criticism, Etruscan publishes books that emerge from an impulse thrumming  through every genre: the yearning to make words sing. With the Wilkes Etruscan Prize, we invite the Wilkes student community to join us in this multi-genre celebration. Send us one page: your best page, in any genre.It can be beginning, middle or end. It can be prose, script, or poetry. Send us a  page that sings.  The winner will receive a complete library of Etruscan books, a one-year subscription to new titles, and a $100 honorarium. In addition, a professionally designed broadside of the winning page will be produced and distributed at the June Residency. The Etruscan prize will be judged by Etruscan author and Wilkes Advisory Board member, H. L. Hix. Please send all submissions by Word attachment to books@etruscanpress.org. The prize is open to all current Wilkes graduate writing students who will graduate in or after June 2010.

return from the res

Just back from the Wilkes MFA residency week, an intense funferall of seminars, readings, workshops, films, plays, and unscheduled screeds. The craic was mighty. Hosted by the tireless Bonnie Culver and assisted by the peripatetic Mr. Jim Warner, we weaved and slid through the week and landed more or less safely, but not unchanged. We were delighted to unveil the new website at the banquet, along with preview’s of Tara Caimi’s design of THE CASANOVA CHRONICLES by Myrna Stone. Other highlights include a ‘can-you-top-this’ sex theme in Sunday’s faculty reading; a film on James Jones featuring Mike Lennon, John Bowers and Kaylie Jones in their salad years, and a comic impression of Dr. Lennon himself by Matt Hinton, to close the banquet ceremonies. I hope we all made it home. May we not outlive ourselves, and a safe journey.

The New Etruscan Press Website

Etruscan Press is pleased to launch our newly remodeled, virtual quarters. We hope you, as an author, reader, or friend, find our redesigned website easy to navigate, full of information, and even a little fun. Have a look around and feel free to make any comments or suggestions.

During the first week or so of the site being live, there will be some ongoing work, but we didn’t want to hide behind our reshelving sign any longer!

Now, on to some personal notes. This website redesign was part of my MFA publishing internship at Wilkes University. I am so proud and happy that I was able to make this contribution to Etruscan Press. As someone who works by day in eCommerce and social media, I was thrilled at the change to use this technology hat in my other world, the literary world. I must thank fellow MFA student and Etruscan design intern, Tara Caimi for her contributions to this project. She helped shape the vision for the new site early on, as well as provided her design talent to the graphic elements of the site. And, also to the entire Etrsucan team for being patient for the unveiling. And, a big thank you to programmer Lindsey Ranaldo, who speaks code as her first language, for implementing the site design and doing all those behind the scene things that only programmers can do.

by Donna Talarico,  Etruscan Press Web Consultant